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Neurobiological research at the LMU Biocenter is mainly concerned with questions at the cellular and systems level, particularly with mechanisms of perception and behaviour, their development and evolution. We apply experimental as well as theoretical approaches. Major topics in and across research groups are

  • Temporal processing and neuronal representations in the auditory system
    (Grothe, Herz, Wiegrebe)
  • Early development and differentiation of neural structures in insects
  • Experience-dependent development of the mammalian auditory system
  • Learning and memory in the hippocampal formation and the olfactory system
  • Sensory-motor transformation of locomotion-related signals
  • Neuronal processing and representation in the visual system
  • Echolocation in bats
  • Comparative anatomy and development of central nervous system and sensory organs in fish

Experimental methods: 3-D-lasermicrosopy, free-field studies, immunohistochemistry, in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology, laser ablation of identified cells, molecular biology, psychophysics, whole embryo and cell culture, two-photon laser scan microscopy, calcium imaging.

Theoretical methods: advanced data analysis techniques, computer simulations, mathematical modelling.