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Temporal processing in the auditory system

When perceiving a sound, the pressure wave at the ear drum is translated to a volley of electrical activity in the auditory nerve. Neither the pressure wave nor the neural activity conveys explicit information about the content of the sound or the position of the sound. All information is hidden in their temporal structure. Understanding the mechanisms underlying the temporal dynamics in the auditory pathway is thus essential to study auditory information processing. In our lab we particularly focus on the low-frequency binaural system which encodes the position of a sound source by means of interaural time differences. We study the underlying binaural coincidence detection using computational models of single neurons and apply coding theory to the neuronal population responses.

Collaborators: B. Grothe (LMU), F. Felmy (TiHo Hannover)
Funding: SFB 870 (TP B01), PP 1608